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Common Summertime Illnesses Treatment

Common Summertime Illnesses Treatment Q&A

If you’ve contracted a summertime illness or would like more information about our services and treatment plans, contact us at Express Health Urgent Care. Our experienced medical team would be happy to address any ailment or condition that you come in with. For more information, contact us today or book an appointment at your earliest convenience. We have convenient locations in East Harlem NYC, Metropolitan NYC and Staten Island NYC.

Common Summertime Illnesses Treatment Near Me in Bushwick NYC, East Harlem NYC, Metropolitan NYC, and Staten Island NYC.
Common Summertime Illnesses Treatment Near Me in Bushwick NYC, East Harlem NYC, Metropolitan NYC, and Staten Island NYC.

Table of Contents:

What illnesses are most common in the summer?
Can summer cause sickness?
How do you treat the summer virus?
What are the 4 types of heat illness?

Many people think of the colder months bring along more illnesses and sickness. And while there is some merit to this, there are plenty of ailments that thrive in the summer. The heat and dampness create the perfect environment for mold, bacteria, and disease to grow, and the heat alone can affect your body in a host of different ways.

What illnesses are most common in the summer?

There are several types of ailments that thrive during the summer months. This can be caused by the prevalence of certain allergens, bacteria, mold, and even the hot summer heat itself. The illnesses that are most commonly seen and treated in the summer are:
● Asthma attacks
● Chickenpox
● Cough and cold
● Dehydration
● Flu
● Food Poisoning
● Headache
● Heat Stroke
● Infections
● Measles
● Mumps
● Sore Eyes
● Summer Depression
● Sunburn
● Water-borne diseases

Can summer cause sickness?

There are some infections and illnesses that are more prevalent during the spring and summer months.
Favorable weather conditions provide the perfect biome for bacteria, viruses, and parasites to breed and multiply. As people are out and about more during the warmer months, you’re more likely to pick one of these up via the environment or through person-to-person interactions. 
In addition to this, the strength of the sun itself can cause problems if you’re exposed to too much of it without the proper care. This makes incidents of heat stroke, heat exhaustion, sunburn, and dehydration higher in the summer, particularly during heat waves. 

How do you treat the summer virus?

The term ‘summer virus’ is used to denote any ailment that you may pick up during the summer months. This can include infections, viruses, and other types of ailments or afflictions.
While not all ailments are treated using the same methods, you can help protect yourself by making sure that you’re adhering to the following:
Wearing sun protection. This includes wearing light breathable fabric that covers your skin and protects it from the sun, as well as making sure that you’re wearing sunscreen (with an SPF of 30 or above) every day.
Keeping hydrated. Increase your intake of fluid during the summer months. Throughout the day, you should be drinking at least 10-12 cups of water to avoid dehydration. 
Stay in cool places. Make sure that you’re taking plenty of breaks from the sun by resting in the shade and avoiding direct sun exposure whenever possible.
Protect yourself against bugs and insects. Allergies and infections are often caused by bug bites so make sure you’re protecting yourself appropriately. This includes wearing bug repellant, only opening windows and doors that have screens, and throwing out garbage regularly to avoid drawing in pesky critters.

What are the 4 types of heat illness?

A heat illness refers to any ailment that is directly caused by high temperatures, humidity, and/or UV exposure. You are more likely to contract a heat illness if you’re exercising or working outside for long periods of time, but it can also be caused by heat exposure that is too much for your body.
There are four predominant types of heat illness. They are:
Heat rash. Also known as prickly heat, this condition causes skin irritation that is characterized by a stinging sensation. It will often turn your skin red as well.
Heat cramps. This is when painful spasms occur in your muscles, usually as a result of dehydration.
Heat exhaustion. This condition is caused by long-term exposure to the sun in combination with dehydration. Heat exhaustion causes heavy sweating, changes in pulse, and rapid breathing.
Heat stroke. This life-threatening illness occurs when your core body temperature rises above 106 within minutes. It required immediate medical care and hospitalization.
If you’re worried that you or someone you love has contracted a summertime illness, connect with us at Express Health Urgent Care. We offer readily accessible medical care to get you the treatment you need when you need it. Book an appointment today or walk in at your earliest convenience to be seen by one of our specialists. We serve patients from Brooklyn NYC, Queens NY, East Harlem NYC, Manhattan NY, Coney Island NYC, Midwood NY, Nostrand NYC, Ridgewood NY, Metropolitan NYC, Staten Island, Greenwich Village NY, and surrounding areas.

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