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Rashes and Skin Treatment Clinic

While some rashes clear up on their own, others require treatment from a medical professional. At Express Health, our team of medical specialists has the knowledge and practical experience to get you the answers you’re looking for. If you have a rash or skin condition, contact us today or book an online appointment. We have convenient locations in East Harlem NYC, Metropolitan NYC and Staten Island NYC.

Rashes and Skin Conditions Treatment Clinic
Rashes and Skin Conditions Treatment Clinic

Table of Contents:

What medical conditions cause skin rashes?
What skin disorders are the most serious?
What is the best treatment for rashes?
What can cause sudden rashes all over the body?

Skin conditions, such as rashes, often result in uncomfortable and unsightly symptoms that sufferers can’t wait to be rid of. These areas of swollen and irritated skin can manifest in different colors and patterns all over the body for a variety of reasons. Some rashes may be the result of an allergic reaction or a response to certain medication, while others may be indicative of an underlying skin disorder or disease. 

What medical conditions cause skin rashes?

Skin rashes can be the result of numerous medical issues or external triggers. A rash may appear in response to an allergic reaction, exposure to a skin irritant (such as poison ivy, certain household cleaners, or extreme heat), or because of taking a certain medication.
Many medical conditions can also result in a rash. Some of these conditions include:
• Acne
• Hives (Urticaria)
• Contact Dermatitis
• Skin cancer
• Eczema
• Psoriasis
• Lupus
• Heat Rash
• A fungal infection
• A bacterial infection
• Shingles
• Chickenpox
• Measles
• Syphilis
• Roseola
• Lyme Disease
A rash is a very common symptoms of many different conditions and stimulus which can make determining the cause difficult. It’s always best to seek the expert opinion of your primary care physical or a healthcare provider if you’re experiencing skin issues that are persistent, painful, and/or effecting your day-to-day life.

What skin disorders are the most serious?

While many skin conditions are minor and can be treated easily, there are some that are more complicated and require immediate attention from a healthcare professional. At the first sign of an unexplained skin anomaly, it’s always best to contact your provider to make sure that nothing more serious is taking place. If it is, then being diagnosed and treated early is the best marker for recovery.
Skin conditions that are serious and require immediate medical attention are:
• Skin cancer
• Measles
• Chickenpox
• Cysts and boils
• Chronic flaring skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea
• Cystic acne
• Severe allergic reactions
If you’re experiencing rash or skin irritation that is persistent, unexplained, painful, and/or that is hindering your ability to live your life, it is always recommended to contact your medical practitioner as soon as possible.

What is the best treatment for rashes?

Depending on what’s causing your rash, your primary care physician may suggest different treatment options. Potential treatments include:
• Allergy medications, such as oral antihistamines, to reduce itching
• Anti-inflammatory or hydrocortisone creams to reduce inflammation and itching
• Immunosuppressants for rashes caused by eczema or an immune system response
• Colloidal oatmeal baths to relieve dry skin and itchy skin rashes
• Topical steroid creams to ease inflammation and/or itchiness
• Topical immunomodulators to reduce the immune system’s response to allergens.
Depending on the severity of your condition and how your body responds to treatment, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks for a rash to diminish. If your rash is caused by a medical condition, treating the underlying cause will often result in the rash lessening and/or disappearing. However, in some specific conditions, rash marks may not fade.
Your physician will be able to provide more insight into your skin treatment or they may choose to refer you to a dermatologist for a more specialized form of medical care.

What can cause sudden rashes all over the body?

Rashes can be the result of certain medical condition, immune responses, and external triggers. A sudden onset rash may be the result of:

• Exposure to an allergen in the environment (such as pollen, dust, etc)
• Bug bites and/or stings
• A bacterial or fungal infection
• Flare ups from a chronic skin condition, such as eczema
• Contact with a skin irritant, such as poison ivy or a household cleaner
While most rashes are simple to diagnose and treat, some skin rashes can be indicative of a more serious medical issue. Therefore, it’s best to always contact your healthcare provider if you’re experiencing skin issues that are painful, persistent, and/or unexplained in nature.
At Express Health, our team of knowledgeable professionals can get you the answers that you’re looking for in an environment that is safe and comfortable. If you’re experiencing a skin problem, contact us today or book an online appointment. We serve patients from Brooklyn NYC, Queens NY, East Harlem NYC, Manhattan NY, Coney Island NYC, Midwood NY, Nostrand NYC, Ridgewood NY, Metropolitan NYC, Staten Island, Greenwich Village NY, and surrounding areas.

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