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Gallbladder Diseases Treatment

Gallbladder Diseases Treatment Clinic in NYC

While this organ is small, it can cause big problems when it stops working properly. That’s why at Express Health Urgent Care, we help get you the answers and the treatment you’re looking for to alleviate gallbladder issues. For more information about our gallbladder disease treatments, contact us today. Or, if you’re ready to schedule with one of our medical practitioners, you can book an appointment online at your earliest convenience. We have convenient locations in East Harlem NYC, Metropolitan NYC and Staten Island NYC.

Gallbladder Diseases Treatment Clinic Near Me in Bushwick NYC, East Harlem NYC, Metropolitan NYC, and Staten Island NYC.
Gallbladder Diseases Treatment Clinic Near Me in Bushwick NYC, East Harlem NYC, Metropolitan NYC, and Staten Island NYC.

Table of Contents:

What are the signs of a problem with your gallbladder?
Are gallbladder problems serious?
What causes gallbladder bladder problems?
What is the best treatment for gallbladder disease?

Your gallbladder is an organ in your digestive system that is important to the digestion process. This small organ stores some of the bile your liver produces and directs it to the small intestine when needed to help break down any food that’s there.

What are the signs of a problem with your gallbladder?

There are several signs that may be indicative that there is an issue taking place within and/or around your gallbladder. They are:
● Acid reflux.
● Chronic diarrhea.
● Fever and/or chills.
● Gas and bloating.
● Jaundice (yellow-tinted skin and eyes)
● Nausea.
● Pain in the mid-to upper-right section of your abdomen.
● Unusual stools or urine.
● Vomiting.
If these symptoms don’t resolve on their own after a few hours or are getting worse and/or more painful, book in to see a physician as soon as possible or visit your local ER.

Are gallbladder problems serious?

If you are experiencing symptoms that are lingering and/or worsening after a few hours, you should seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms such as abdominal pain, jaundice, or/or a fever can be indicative of a bigger issue going on – either in your gallbladder or in another structure.
Gallbladder issues can be very serious and need to be addressed as soon as possible. In some cases, your gallbladder may have to be removed to avoid larger and more severe medical ailments from developing. However, if caught early enough, some gallbladder conditions may be able to be treated with medication.

What causes gallbladder bladder problems?

Gallbladder issues are commonly caused there is a block in the gallbladder itself or one of the ducts that transport bile. In some cases, bile may back up because the emptying function of the gallbladder is delayed or because there is a coinciding condition that is affecting the functionality of the organ.
Inflammation and infection are two of the most common causes of gallbladder problems, though conditions can also be passed down via genetics. It’s important to notify your doctor if you have a history of gallbladder issues that run in your family so that appropriate screening and testing can be done to monitor your health and well-being.

What is the best treatment for gallbladder disease?

Depending on the type of gallbladder disease you have and the severity of your condition, your primary care physician may recommend one or more of the following treatments:
Pain medication. Many acute gallbladder conditions can be remedied or managed with prescription medication. Your healthcare provider will look at your overall health, your medical history, and your condition to determine which medication is right for you.
Antibiotics. If you have a gallbladder issue that is the result of an infection, your healthcare provider will prescribe antibiotics to treat it. Depending on the severity of your condition, antibiotics may only be a short-term bridge to hold you over until you’re able to undergo surgery.
Endoscopic intervention. Minor gallbladder issues may be able to be remedied using an endoscope. This type of intervention is the last line of defense before resorting to surgery.
Surgery. This is the only permanent solution for persistent and/or chronic gallbladder disease. Gallbladder removal surgery is known as cholecystectomy and is very common.
If you suspect that you may have a gallbladder condition, or have recently been diagnosed with gallbladder disease, connect with us at Express Health Urgent Care. Our team of experienced medical specialists can help you get the answers you’re looking for and the treatment you need to feel better as soon as possible. Contact us today for more information about our gallbladder treatment services or book with us online to schedule an appointment. We serve patients from Brooklyn NYC, Queens NY, East Harlem NYC, Manhattan NY, Coney Island NYC, Midwood NY, Nostrand NYC, Ridgewood NY, Metropolitan NYC, Staten Island, Greenwich Village NY, and surrounding areas.

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